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The MSBT Approach

An office building with glassy facades

•Our FM models are outcome based, we deliver satisfactory customer outcomes

•We can help draft your KPI’s to deliver the service you need

•Our KPI’s are designed to foster continuous improvement

•Meaningful Energy KPI’s that save energy without impacting your business or operations

•Know how, Engineering is what we do, we do not offer cleaning or security as a core service

•Our Labour Loading models ensure the correct number of people and skill to meet your needs

•Our Technologies are designed to remove the need for physical daily operation activities (sustainable site-based headcount reduction) 

•Our Technologies enable our highly skilled team to monitor your facility remotely 24/7 365 days a year

•We will leverage our Data Analytics to provide building and systems performance optimisation

Our Services - Exisiting Buildings


Site / Facility / Smart Technology Commissioning

Operations Audits / Labour Review

Our Services - New Buildings


Smart Building Design


BIM to AIM (Asset Information Model) & SIM to CAFM (Computer Aided FM)


Site / Facility / Smart Technology Testing & Commissioning

Pre-Handover Acceptance


Digital Twin for FM


Facility Management Consulting


Smart Facility Management

Technical Facilities Management

Modern Architecture
“Bringing Engineering Excellence
Back to Facility Management.”  
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