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Bringing Engineering Excellence Back to Facility Management

OUR MISSION – Making your Facility Smarter, Safer, More Efficient and Truly Sustainable


In a world of constantly developing technology MSBT has and will continue to embrace technology and automation where this supports the delivery of new innovative automated solutions that improve performance and drive down costs.


Our mission is to create the right combination of people, technology, quality processes and systems to meet our customers' requirements. 


Our objective is to provide a reliable but flexible engineering services, minimising asset faults or failures through a proactive and cost-effective maintenance regime 


Constantly challenging, driving innovation and creativity to deliver “best in class” value and performance-based solutions.

Operational Buildings
Asset condition & verification survey
Operational Buildings
Operations audit, labour review
Operational Buildings
Commissioning and balancing review
Operational Buildings
Energy Audit and Reporting
Operational Buildings
Smart Building Consulting/Design
Operational Buildings
Design & PM/CM
for upgrade
Operational Buildings
Smart Building Certification
Operational Buildings
Smart Facilities Management
Operational Buildings
Technical Facilities Management



Bringing Together 2 of the Leading Engineering, Energy, Sustainability  and Facility Management Specialist companies to form the best Smart Building Design and Facility Management companies in Asia Pacific.

A view on top of the building

SBT – One of Asia Pacific’s Top Smart Building and Energy Consultancies

Meinhardt the region’s leading specialist engineering design and consultancy


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Recent News

27 OCT - Joint Chambers Member Briefing on How Engineering Excellence can SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE your hotel facility.

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