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Our Team

Bringing Together the Best services requires the Best Team! Our Board of Directors are the most experienced Engineering and Facility Management Team in Asia Pacific

John Pollard

Managing Director / Structural,

Group CEO - South Asia,

Co-Founder MSBT Ltd.

Shareholder - Meinhardt Group International Limited.


John holds over 35 years of experience in civil, structural and earthquake engineering and

project management with considerable international experience in Europe and S.E. Asia at an advanced technical level.


John is responsible for all aspects of running our large multi-discipline consulting engineering office in Bangkok, is fluent in the Thai language and maintains hands-on.


John also oversees our regional offices in South Asia, from India to


Co-Founder & Director
Jon Pickford BE (Hons)

Jon is both the Co-Founder MSBT and Founder and CEO of Smart Build Tech Group.


Jon is Asia's leading expert in  Smart Buildings, HVAC and Indoor Air Quality and has worked in this capacity for some of the largest companies worldwide including Johnson Controls International (JCI) & Smart Build Tech Group.

He has assists Governments, Property developers and other MNC’s to transition their operations, assets, districts and cities to Smarter, Safer and more sustainable environments and drive their success and efficiency.


Jon’s deep background of physical infrastructure technologies (OT) through to connected devices (IoT) and on to analytic and Smart Digital and AI Platforms to ensure outcomes that create real world value and return on investments.


Jon is a Native Thai speaker & has also worked in 12 countries predominantly in Asia.

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